Despina Palermo Senior Investment Manager

Despina Palermo | Geelong Property Managers | Release Property Management

With more than a decade of experience managing investment properties in Melbourne and Geelong, Despina Palermo excels at delivering a smooth, hassle-free experience for her clients.

Despina’s engaging and empathetic style allows her to build rewarding relationships with both landlords and tenants. She prides herself on taking the time to listen and understand each individual’s situation before working towards an outcome that suits all parties.

Despina thrives on the variety of her role and enjoys guiding her clients through what can be a stressful and anxious time. As an experienced investment property owner herself, she understands the importance of being available to provide trusted advice at all stages of the rental cycle.

Despina lives in Geelong and has an excellent command of the local market.


Despina, I would like to thank you for your respect and courtesy as the managing agent over the last couple of years. Your lovely text messages after your inspections was something you didn’t need to do, but was greatly appreciated, thank you. Sometimes tenants aren’t valued but I believe you are an exceptional managing agent as you work as much for me as I’m sure you did your landlord.