Release Property Management are specialists in property management – we cut out the rest and focus on what we do best so that you can receive a highly refined service. Based in Geelong and with agents that are skilled in what they do, we are experts in the area and can offer advice for both investors and renters to ensure they’re getting the most out of their experience. 

Using our knowledge and past experience in the real estate industry, Release Property Management pride ourselves on providing an unmatched service for our clients, focusing on communication and providing an equal service for landlords and tenants. 

We’ve listed some of the ways in which our service differs below – if you’d like more information, we invite you to get in touch on 1300 853 857.

Property Management is our Core

Unlike other real estate agencies, Release Property Management focus solely on property management. This concept was born from our experience working in other sales-based agencies where property managers were often pushed to the side and not provided with enough resources to effectively service our clients. Therefore, we saw a need for an agency that specialises in property management so that property managers could really excel in their careers and provide expert advice to landlords and tenants. 

Release Property Management were the first real estate agency in Geelong to purely offer property management and not sales. Since then, we have had fantastic growth and believe we have filled the gap that the Geelong real estate industry needed. 

We’re for Tenants and Landlords

In addition to focusing purely on property management, we pride ourselves on offering an equal level of service for our landlords and tenants. Often, some property managers focus only on keeping their landlord happy and neglect the wants and needs of the tenant. However, we believe it’s important to guarantee the happiness of both parties to ensure that landlords feel like their home is being looked after, and that tenants are happy living in it. 

This involves reviewing the rent regularly (according to the market), carrying out routine inspections, organising for repairs to be made as soon as possible and maintaining good communication throughout the management period. 

We’re Proactive

Currently, Release Property Management are proud to have the lowest vacancy rates within the Geelong region, purely because we are proactive in securing tenants and look at new and different ways to secure a quality tenant as soon as we can. Many of our properties are being leased within two days on the rental market which is a testament to our ability to be flexible and dynamic with our marketing approach. We will use our client’s money where it is most useful and talk them through the entire process to ensure they know where their money is being spent. 

We Educate

One of the most important parts about being a good property manager is to educate your clients on all areas of property management so that they have an understanding of the work we’re doing. We like to educate them on finding equity in their current properties to purchase so that they can build their portfolio, landlord insurance to pick depreciation schedules, any updates that should be made to their property, and generally how to increase the value of their property. 

Being able to offer this level of advice comes back to having a more experienced team that have been thoroughly trained in an agency that specialises in property management. 

Release Property Management specialises in Geelong commercial and residential property management services. To learn more about our business, visit our about us page.