How many inspections do you carry out per year? Will an inspection report be provided?

Inspections are completed 3 months into a new tenancy and then every 6 months after that in accordance with legislation. Rental Providers are welcome to attend inspections and a full report with detailed photos are produced whether the Rental Provider attends or not. This report is also kept on our files in case it’s needed in the future.


How can you ensure the best returns from my property? And what else can you do that another property manager can’t?

Release are specialists in property management. The sole objective of the team is to find the best tenants and manage your property to the highest standard. Because of this, we know it is vital to provide the best possible customer service and our property managers are focused on building relationships with clients. We use the most advanced technology and software in order to ensure all procedures are seamless to make the process of owning an investment property effortless for you.