Information for Landlords

Transferring Property

It is hassle free to change agencies and there are no interruptions for your current tenants.

There are no fees or charges, all the document transfers are handled for you and it is stress free.

As soon as you contact Release Property Management and approve authorisation for us to manage your property, we will manage the process from there.

For more information visit our page on Transferring Properties or request an appointment.

Tax Depreciation

Depreciation is a cost you claim on your investment property for the general ‘wear and tear’ of your property. There are two types of property depreciation allowances available and both can be offset against your assessable income.

To understand tax depreciation and calculate the depreciation on your investment property, please visit the Release BMT Tax Depreciation Calculator.

Landlord Insurance

We recommend and highly encourage you to take out Landlord Insurance cover on your property.  This should be arranged prior to inspections commencing.  Your current insurer may be able to assist you in this area or click on the below links to see information on companies that specilise in Landlord insurance.

Keeping Tenants Long term

One of the best ways to ensure your investment property is performing is to minimise your vacancy rates.  Watch this short video by Director Renee Reynolds for some great tips.

Click here to watch vimeo