Property Transfers

It's free and easy to change with no interruptions to you or your tenants.

Finding a great property manager can be hard.  Most agencies focus on sales with little knowledge about managing investment properties. 

It is rare to find an agency that is totally dedicated to Property Management and for most property investors, keeping your property tenanted and in good condition is of high importance.

Why change?

  • If you are not satisfied with your current agent? Please do not waste any more time, it is unlikely that your agent's service will improve.
  • Release Manages the Process: As soon as you approve the authorisation we will arrange the transfer documents and start the process.
  • Release is 100% Property Management and our staff, technology and processes are focussed on this.

What happens with a tenancy in place? Release will:

  • Arrange a time to meet the tenant and become familar with your property.
  • Conduct any overdue routine inspections.
  • Review the tenancy arrangements.

The transition to Release is smooth and easy and we believe you will notice the change in service quality immediately.

If your property is exclusively listed with another agent, please ignore this communication.

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