At Release Property Management our Tenants and Landlords are our Priority.  We are 100% focused on providing our clients with an "Exceptional Service" like no other.  We provide a superior service that takes the hassle out of Renting a Property.

We understand the difficulties Tenants have in finding suitable Rental Properties and at Release Property Management we endeavor to minimise the stress of finding the property that suits you.

Please feel free to contact us to have your rental property requirements entered into our database.

Tenants Forms

APPLICATIONS:  Please download and fill out the application form below and send it to us. 

MAINTENANCE:  Click the link below to download a printable .pdf copy of our maintenance request form which can be faxed, posted or dropped in to our office.  Alternatively, you can fill out the online maintenance request form here.

Notice to Vacate  pdf/191kB
Tenancy Application Form  pdf/355kB
Maintenance / Repair Request Form  pdf/185kB

Searching for a rental property

You can search for a rental property online here by going to the find a property page or www.realestate.com.au, in the Geelong Advertiser on Saturday & Wednesday’s, or a property list can be collected from our office at 246 Ryrie Street, Geelong.

We recommend before searching for a property you consider:

  • How much rent you would like to pay per week
  • What area you would like to live in
  • The type of place you are looking for – is it an Apartment, House, or Townhouse
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The number of bathrooms
  • Your car parking requirements

To view our rental list please click here.

Applying for a rental property

When you have found the right property you will need to complete a Tenancy Application Form.

Listed below are a few tips to help you with the application:

You must provide:

  • Current and previous addresses
  • Current and previous rental histories
  • Current and previous employment histories
  • References
  • Next of kin details
  • 100 Points of Identification, this includes compulsory proof of income and photo ID.

If your Tenancy Application is approved your Property Manager will arrange a suitable time to meet with you and sign your new Tenancy Agreement.


What is a Bond?

A tenancy bond is money that a Landlord asks a Tenant to pay when they move into their property. The bond is held to cover any damage to the property (if that damage can be shown to be the tenant’s fault) or any other discrepency at the end of the tenancy.  All bonds are lodged with the Residential Bond Authority.

How much is the Bond?

The bond amount is equivalent to a calendar months rent.  To calculate the bond take the rental amount  x 52 weeks of the year and / (divide) by 12 months.

Eg $200 per week x 52 Weeks / 12 = $867.00 bond

Paying the Bond

At the start of your tenancy, you need to pay the bond amount with a separate bank cheque or money order.

Bond Receipt

A receipt for the bond will be sent to the rented property street address which is shown on the bond lodgement form from the bond authority.

You should keep your bond receipt somewhere safe as you will need it when the tenancy is ending or when a tenant who is listed on the bond receipt is leaving the property.

Bond Refund

Your bond will be refunded to you promptly after the property is fully vacated, less any deductions that may be agreed or directed by the tribunal. A bond refund cannot be applied for until all keys have been returned to our office and a final inspection has been carried out.

Landlord claims on the Bond

A landlord will be able to claim some or all of the bond:

  • If there is damage done by the tenant which is beyond fair wear and tear 
  • If the house is left dirty 
  • If personal items are left behind 
  • If rent is left unpaid at the end of the tenancy 
  • If you fail to comply with any other obligation and the landlord suffers some loss as a result of this

Note:  If the claim by the landlord is greater than the bond, you may be ordered to pay the extra amount.

Services & Utilities

It is the Tenants responsibility to arrange for the connections and disconnection of all services to your home.  Please see below the following services that you can contact:

All Connections Connect Now 1300 554 323
Telephone Telstra 13 22 00
Gas TRU Energy 13 34 66
Water Barwon Water 1300 656 007
Electricity Origin 13 24 63

You will receive a leaflet regarding “Connect Now”.  This is an easy way to have all your services connected at the same time.  Release Property Management carries no responsibility with your connections and can not be held accountable for connections not being available or ready at your property.

Paying Rent

Your rent is due on the date prior to your lease starting and must be paid fortnightly in advance.  You may choose to pay monthly in advance.  If you would like to pay your rent on alternative intervals, this must be approved by Release Property Management and the Landlord prior to the commencement of your lease.

We request that direct debit be arranged by the tenant from your nominated bank account into our account.  Should you have difficulties in arranging a Direct Debit, you may speak to your Property Manager about alternate options for paying rent.

Periodic Inspections

Initial Inspection

Upon the commencement of your lease, your Property Manager will complete an inspection and full condition report; this is also accompanied by photos of the property. You will be given the opportunity to check this report make any additions to it and return it to Release Property Management within 3 business days. This report is referred to at the final inspection of the property. It is therefore in your best interest to read through the condition report thoroughly, provide comments to us within the timeframe listed, and ensure you retain a copy in a safe place.

Periodic Routine Inspection

As managing agents of the property we are required to conduct regular Routine Inspections and submit a report to the Landlord.  Routine Inspections are conducted 3 months into the tenancy and every 6 months after that.  You will be sent a letter advising when this inspection will be conducted.  Also included in this letter will be a tenant routine inspection report which we will require you to complete and sign.  Should you not be home at the time of the inspection we can use our office keys to access the property and leave a business card confirming that we have completed the inspection.

Final Inspection

Final inspections are conducted upon vacating the property.  The final inspection report is closely checked with the condition report completed during the initial inspection to ensure that there has been no damage (beyond normal wear and tear) and that no fixtures have been removed (e.g. light fittings).

Repairs & Maintenance

We have a team of experienced and excellent trade’s people who carry out all repairs and maintenance to the properties we manage.

As soon as you become aware of any maintenance please contact our office immediately.  It is a provision of the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 that you advise of any maintenance that occur during your tenancy.  If you do not, you could be held liable for any additional costs the owner may occur.

If the repairs are not urgent or the Landlords responsibility and you request for a trade’s person to attend, you may be requested to pay the account.

Click this link to download a printable .pdf copy of our maintenance request form which can be faxed, posted or dropped in to our office.  Alternatively, you can fill out the online maintenance request form here.

Ending Your Tenancy

The Residential Tenancies Act, 1997 is explicit in regards to ending a tenancy.  It can only occur when one of the parties to the Tenancy Agreement gives notice to the other party.

If you wish to vacate the property at the end of your Agreement, you must give twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing prior to the expiration date of your tenancy agreement.

If you wish to vacate during your fixed term Agreement, you will be breaking the contract you have entered into, and you are responsible for reimbursing the Landlord for any loss suffered, e.g. rent until the property is again tenanted, plus the Landlords normal costs in Releasing.

Click this link to download a printable .pdf copy of our Notice of Intention to Vacate Form which can be faxed, posted or dropped in to our office.